Celebrate your Birthday with your friends on a Midnight Yacht Cruise Have an amazing night out with your friends that you will never forget Grab your friends to come party & celebrate on a Midnight Cruise Celebrate your Birthday or Special Occassion on a Midnight Cruise NYPartyCruise - Sail your way into a New Nightlife Experience! VIP Birthday Packages include cake, reserved tables, free admission for birthday person, & more NYPartyCruise is a Great Place to make memories that will last a lifetime! Party on our Midnight Cruises aboard the Harbor Lights Yacht Party on our Midnight Cruises aboard the Harbor Lights Yacht Celebrate your Birthday or Special Occassion on a Midnight Cruise Midnight Cruises aboard the multi-level Harbor Lights Yacht


Reserve a Birthday Package




  • Complete the form at the top of this webpage.
  • We will email you available Midnight Cruise dates on or near your request.
  • Reply to the email with the date you select
    (& a photo for your personalized birthday webpage)
  • We will email a link to your personalized birthday webpage.
  • Send the link to your friends to view info & buy tickets
    (recommend that they purchase ASAP)


NYPartyCruise NYPartyCruise handles event coordination & brokering for charter cruises in New York City.

If you're looking for a Reggae/Hip-Hop/R&B Cruise
- This is NOT the Cruise for your birthday!

We have skilled, professional DJs that spin a mix of Mainstream, EDM, Top 40, & Latin.  NO REQUESTS! We do NOT allow guests to request music from the DJs as they already have a vast variety of music to spin within the genres of music we designate for our events.


21 & Over Events - www.nypartycruise.com21 & Over || ID a Must || Dress to Impress


NYPartyCruise NYPartyCruise handles event coordination & brokering for charter cruises in New York City. Gents: Absolutely No Shorts, Baseball Hats, Hoods, Boots, Flip-Flops, Athletic or Baggy Attire.
**Most Gents wear dress button down collared shirts, slacks, & shoes. Button Down Dress Shirts Strongly Encouraged for Gents.

Ladies: Absolutely No Sneakers, Denim Shorts, Hoods, Baseball Hats, Athletic or Baggy Attire

**Most Ladies wear dresses, skirts, dress pants or nice jeans with a blouse & heels or dressy flats.

For more Dress Code Rules, please visit our FAQ page.

Dress Code will be enforced & you will be denied entrance if you arrive out of dress code. Tickets are non-refundable. View our photo gallery to view the attire guests wear to attend our event and we ask that you please view the FAQ page for complete dress code rules.



(Min of 15 ppl Must purchase tickets in advance)

* Customized Birthday Webpage
* Birthday Person Receives Free Admission
* Shout Outs from the DJ

*There are NO Reserved tables or cake provided with this package!



(Min of 20 ppl Must purchase tickets in advance)

* Customized Birthday Webpage
* Birthday Person Receives Free Admission
* Complimentary Birthday Cake
* 2 Reserved Tables
* Complimentary Drink Ticket for Bday Person
* Shout Outs from the DJ

Tables slightly vary with Latin Level:
**Only 1 table if you choose the Latin Level



(Min of 30 ppl Must purchase tickets in advance)

* Customized Birthday Webpage
* Birthday Person Receives Free Admission
* Complimentary Birthday Cake
* 1 Extra Free Admission Ticket for a Guest
* 3 Reserved Tables
* Complimentary Drink Ticket for Bday Person
* Shout Outs from the DJ

Tables slightly vary with Latin Level:
**Only 1 table if you choose the Latin Level



  • PRICING: Tickets start at $25 per person (price will raise as event is closer to being sold out - ticket prices raise more than once).
    *The earlier you purchase tickets, the lower the price you will receive.

    • There are no additional package fees for a birthday package other than the price of the tickets & processing fees for tickets.

    • Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. All of our events are sold out in advance (often days to weeks in advance) so purchase ASAP.

    • TICKETS ARE LIMITED - there is an event capacity & ALL of our events are sold out in advance. Do Not wait too long to purchase tickets.

    • NO REFUNDS! All tickets are non-refundable; if you choose not to have your birthday celebration on the cruise after tickets are purchased,
      you and/or your guests will not receive a refund. All Sales Are Final!

  • OPTIONS FOR TICKETS: Your personalized webpage will offer 2 methods for ordering tickets. Guests may either have their tickets shipped (which is Highly Rrecommended so your guests have their tickets ahread of time & to help the line move faster on the night of the event) OR they may purchase e-tickets.
    ** You may only purchase up to 3 e-tickets per trasnaction. If you are purchasing more than 3 tickets, you must choose the shipping option.

    • Shipped Tickets will include processing & shipping fees & will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail & require a signature upon delivery.

    • E-tickets will include processing fees and should be printed.
      **The name on the e-ticket MUST match the name on the photo ID of the attendee, so if someone is purchasing on behalf of someone else OR if they think they may not be able to attend the event, then have the tickets shipped.

  • PACKAGE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: You are NOT guaranteed any amount of tickets; tickets must be purchased, not reserved.

    • Birthday Packages are based on the amount of tickets purchased through the personalized webpage link we create & email to your attention.

    • Each package has a minimum amount of tickets that must be purchased in order to receive that package.

    • The minimum amount of tickets must be purchased before the event is sold out OR by the day before the event, whichever comes first, in order to receive the package, HOWEVER, in order to receive a cake, you must reach the minimum amount before the event is sold out OR by 2 days before the event.
      • Cakes are ordered 2 days in advance of the event. If the event is not already sold out by this point, this will be the last day to reach at least Package #2 to receive a cake. You may still purchase tickets while supplies last after this point however you will not receive a cake as you must reach the minimum amount of purchased tickets (20) in order for your cake to be ordered.

    • You need at least 15 purchased tickets in order to receive a birthday package. If you do not have at least 15 guests, the birthday person will Not be free & will need to purchase a ticket.

    • If tickets are still on sale on the day of the event, you may purchase tickets but they will not be tallied towards your total for a package.

  • BIRTHDAY PERSON ADMISSION: Although we do not hold tickets for most guests, you do not need to purchase the birthday person's ticket right away. We will let you know if you will not meet the minimum 15 guests needed for a package and email you a link to purchase the birthday person's ticket at the original ticket price. Once you are sent this link, you must purchase the birthday person's ticket the same day. If you reach the minimum needed for a package, you will receive a free ticket via email & no purchase is needed for the birthday person.

  • UPDATES ON ATTENDEES: We will email you updates once to twice a week on designated days with an update list of who has purchased tickets through your webpage to help you keep track of guests. If you do not receive an email for awhile, it may be due to no updates on your list.


PLEASE ADVISE: The Tables and Packages slightly differ based on whether or not you would like to be seated on the level that plays predominantly English music (ex: mainstream, EDM, house, top 40) & the level that plays predominantly Latin music w/ some english (ex: salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton)

2nd Level Seating - English Music Level
1st Level Seating - Latin Music Level
Mainstream , House, EDM, Top 40 played on this level
Latin Music & some English Music played on this level
Table - Package #1
2nd Fl Tables - Package #2
2nd Fl Tables - Package #3

No Reserved Tables or Cake for Package #1
Packages #2 & #3 will receive ONLY 1 table if on Latin Level
Tables are larger - Same amount of seating as 2nd Fl Packages

No Table or Cake in Package #1 for Both English & Latin Music Level Requests
Package #2 Tables - NYPartyCruise - www.nypartycruise.com
Package #3 Tables - NYPartyCruise - www.nypartycruise.com
Latin Level tables

Tables with larger packages such as Package #2 & Package #3 are pushed together with seating around the 2 or 3 COMBINED tables, as shown above

The Package tables slightly differ on the Latin Level as table sizes vary on 1st level. There are approx 6-8 seats per table.



  • Reserved Tables do not have seating for entire party at one time, but everyone in your group will have access to your tables all night.
    (Photo Examples of Table Set up Listed Above)
    Please remember that this is primarily meant to be a DANCE CRUISE, so we do not offer seating for every guest in attendance!*

  • Reserved Tables will be on the level you request however your guests will have access to all levels of the yacht.

  • ENGLISH MUSIC LEVEL REQUESTS (2nd Floor): Although it says that Package #2 will receive 2 tables & Package #3 will receive 3 tables, please advise that the tables are pushed together to create one large seating area, as shown in the photos above. You will not receive 2-3 tables separately but rather combined to allow for more seating while still keeping your guests together in one section.

  • LATIN MUSIC LEVEL REQUESTS (1st Floor): There is only 1 table for both packages #2 & #3 on the 1st Level. As the tables are longer, you will not lose out on seating by selecting this level as the table has the same amount of seating as the Package #2 & Package #3 combined tables on the English Music Level.

  • Reserved Birthday Tables will feature the cake, candles, utensils, & a reserved sign with the birthday person's name on the table on the level you requested and will be already set up upon arrival.

  • There are No reserved tables or cake offered with Package #1.

  • There are no bottle sales. There are bars to purchase drink (Cash Only) on the 1st & 2nd Level.

NO REFUNDS ON TICKET SALES - All sales are final, NO REFUNDS!. All tickets purchased in relation to a special event within an official cruise event, (for example, tickets purchased in relation to a birthday, bachelorette party, graduation, etc.), for which the guest of honor or organizer chooses to cancel or reschedule, are also non-refundable. Our events will occur whether rain or shine. In the rare event that the Coast Guard prohibits cruising because of extremely severe weather, we will contact you with the exchange date for the event. There are no refunds should the party continue to take place on the yacht while remaining at the dock due to severe wind conditions if so designated by the captain, management, or Coast Guard. 
Management reserves the right, without refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management or security to be disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language, provides invalid identification, or who fails to comply with these or other management rules including dress code. All Guests must adhere to the rules of the event which include, age, proper ID, and we reserve the right to be selective to those that do not adhere to the rules of proper dress code attire. Breach of any of the foregoing will automatically terminate the license. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCHANGES EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN. EVENT DATE & TIME ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event. Holder voluntarily agrees that the management, facility, participants, ticket merchant, and all of their respective agents, officers, directors, owners, and employees are expressly released by holder from any claims arising from such causes. In conformance with some local requirements or certain facility rules, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, controlled substances, bundles and containers of any kind may not be brought into the premises. Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed, and is valid only for the event for which it was issued. Tickets are not redeemable for cash. Under no circumstances is the processing fee refunded. If issued complimentary, ticket shall not be exchangeable. It is unlawful to reproduce tickets in any form. Unless indicated otherwise, prices include all applicable taxes and/or discounts (if available).